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U forgot something ?


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Dear seelan sir ,

I request u to make some of people as admins ..after the sv is reached top 5 in the world rank ,many players come and seeing that no admin is present ,they just use hacks like speeding,aiming,walling,and the admin greenchat hack .which result many players who come often to play at the server nowadays they were not coming .pls solve this problem fast as posiible.

Thnk u


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Dear akiller ,
U have been using ur powers and not listening to player who is trying to explain u about the current situation .i tried u explaining what is happening .but u never replied and ignore me all the time .so u should be up to date what is happing .i said seelan unbanned me and also ask u to check the forum but u didnot belive me all through the time ..


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In-Game Nick :shark|love u anuska|
Steam Id :STEAM_0:0:696574233
Ip address:
Date of Ban:9\5\2017
Admin who banned you :gurilla warfare
Server in which you are banned :agn arcade let the game began
Why should you be unbanned : i am not asking for unbanned ,came here to tell the truth after listening u can decide what u want to do ,first of all i have hacks .and i use only when a admin ask me to check a particular person wheather he is waller or not as i have hacks i can see also through wall as the other person who is hacking it make easier to see who is walling and who is not .for example u can ask akiller .whenever he get confused wheather a person is waller or not he say to me and i say to him wheather he is or not .and i have the hacks which cannot be bind so i have to go to the game folder to remove the file to stop the hack working .so sometime when player are less i don't go to remove the file and just play with the hacks but i never killed someone through the walll and never made benefit of my hacks .dear ishq if u r seeing this post .first of all i am sorry .if u have seen walling in my demos ,yes i did i think as i don't know to open demo file so i posted all the demos .and just look the demo u will get to notice that i am killing the same person again and again in every round as bcoz they were hacking .so i killed them first starting of the round and i just stay idle so that i don't kill innocent people playing there.to stop hacker there is only one person who is another hacker . only hacker can killl hacker nor admin can do anything .if admin banned hacker they still can come ervy single time .so i use hacks to kill other hackers .i didnot ask adminship that time as i didnot had steam but few days ago i ask seelan and cammondo .after one day only ishq (co owner of agn server he checked my demos as he posted in fb group .i was trying to explain all this thing but he didnot listen to me .last message from him was "lagta he tereko block karna padega " so ishq if u seeing this, i am sorry for all the walling and stuff. i hope u can forgive me
thnk u for ur valueable time


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