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hey, there i won't be available in server for few days
Travelling to Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu From Mumbai
Miss u all guys ,
Will Post here. as AGN is my...
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Kiran wooh.. cool man! 2 months ago

Registration will be Approved by the Admin within 24Hrs .
Spam Logins , Russians, will be Blocked so dont waste ur fucking time spammer.

We are happy to announce you guys,
That we had started Web hosting ..
Low Cost - Better Performance ..

Hlxce will be UP From tomorrow

Some Post and Accounts had been deleted sorry for this
Team AGN

1,400 Accounts Had been Deleted for Spam Register (y)


Congrats AGN family for entering in TOP 3 SERVERS OF WORLD . Hard work pays and this rank proves that , it would have not been possible without the hard... Show more

Pravin and Shark both were banned by me cause they used Cheats in Arcade... [Wall-Hack] Aab iske regarding don't msg me anyone..
Forum is there for Ban...
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Spamming is the main reason for downtime

We aready rocking with 4th Rank..
AGN is the fastest Growing Community in Cz In
Any Suggestion Regarding Plague sv please post it in the suggestions...
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After 21st May No /

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Hill Top. at Lonavala, Maharashtra

Kiran [W]arFare Cool Man!! 5 months ago
Seelan Nadar Thank you 5 months ago
Seelan Nadar created a new topic ' Community & Forum Rules and Regulations.' in the forum. 5 months ago

Forum users should strictly observe the following the rules and regulations. Failure to do so may invite either a temporary/permanent ban or lead to your post being trashed.

Posting rules -
1. Users should not post or attach illegal or obscene content, malwares and links to illegal sites/content.
2. Do not spam or post useless content that may not contribute to a particular thread.
3. Always respect other forum users. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
4. Always search the forum first before asking questions or requesting help.
5. Always make descriptive topic subjects. Your topic subject should be detailed enough to summarize your content.
6. Do not advertise your game server, website or any other promotion that is not related to the topic in hand.
7. This is an English forum. Other languages are not supported and may not be replied to.
8. Always find the right category or sub-category before creating new posts.

General rules -
1. Do not request support for illegal/pirated softwares or games. Such threads will be trashed without any notice.
2. Do not request for username change. It will not be entertained under any circumstance.

Aeon Gaming Network administrators reserve the right to edit, trash, close posts or ban users for any reason.

Edit * by Seelan * - Dont post ridiculously large images in posts if its not absolute necessity . It increases the page load time. But we do not discourage the usage of images by any means.

More rules may be added by other moderators if necessary.

* During registration, 'Username' is the id used by the system to identify a particular user where as 'Name' is the id that appears on the front-end as in the forum or community.


Seelan Nadar created a new topic ' How to record the demo of a hacker.' in the forum. 5 months ago

No new members yet, but there will be some soon asking such questions. So it is better to keep a guidance topic about such things for new players.

What to do if a hacker is present at the server ?

If you find a hacker present at any of the servers first you need to do is report about it to the admin present at the moment. The admin present at the server will respond to your query as soon as possible and will do his job accordingly.

What to do if there are no admins at the server ?

The GM staff is trying there best to avoid such a situation but if unfortunately there comes a time when there is a hacker at the server and there are no admins to report about it, then record a DEMO of such a hacker and report it in this section. This section of "Hacking Report" is specifically created to report such hackers.

What is a demo ?
Well, it is a built-in recording system that is in every game that runs on the HL2 engine. In simpler words it records everything currently going in the game (Any game having HL2 engine). Hence it canbe actively used to report a hacker who can be seen cheating if caught actively on the demo.

How to record a demo ?

Open your console while in-game. It can be open by pressing the "~" key on the keyboard.

Type: record "demoname"

When you are finished recording type: stop

- A demo records exactly what you see, and everything in your console - the console doesn't need to be open, everything gets recorded anyway. So make sure you are recording the demo is first person mode.
- Here "demo name" means any name of the demo that you want it to be. Remember it can sometimes be difficult to remember names of your demos, so just call your demo whatever you think is best.
- Remember to type in showip and status as it will help the staff members to notice the IP and the steam_id of the person whose demo you are recording.
- After typing stop you see demo has stopped recording.
- It doesn't matter if your demo is lengthy or you have more than one demos, just make sure they are conclusive enough to report.

How to play your demo ?

Open your console preferably just after the game has opened.

Type: play "demoname"

Or type: viewdemo "demoname"

When you are finished watching you can disconnect from the main menu.

- You must replace "demoname" with the name of your demo, adding the .dem extension is not necessary as CS Will do this for you.
- The viewer of the demo sees exactly what the recorded sees, excluding when the console has been opened or closed.
- playdemo is a simple method of watching the demo and viewdemo brings up a play, pause, fast forward, rewind and other functions for you to use.

How to find your demo ?

My Computer > Local Disk ( C: ) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > your-username > counter-strike > cstrike > your-demo-name.dem
You can can search you demo by its name in the search box of your computer.
-Remember the name of your demo will be in .dem format., so the accurate name would be demoname.dem

How to upload it here ?

Make an account on mediafire upload your demo there and provide us the link here. It is advisable to compress the demo in a winzip or winrar file so that the upload and download can the done quickly. Although uncompressed demos are also accepted without any hesitation.

Here is a video representation of the above mentioned method for better understanding.



Seelan Nadar created a new topic ' Format to report a hacker !!' in the forum. 5 months ago

It would be really helpful if the players who are reporting the hackers in this section present their report in an accurate format.

The format being :-

Player Name:
Steam Id :
HLstatsX link:
Server :
Hack type :
Demo link :

In order to get the the steam_id and the IP of the hacker type "status" & "showip" in console.
The steam id is important for regular bans and the IP is required for range bans in case the hacker has dynamic IPs and comes again and again.
Please make sure the demo is conclusive and satisfactory.

P.S. - Your topic's name includes your name in Caps within brackets and without any special characters. Thank you so much guys for providing the reports for hackers which the admins accidentally miss. You are doing an awesome job. ;)


Seelan Nadar replied to the topic 'About - Demos' in the forum. 5 months ago

* Previous post was long already, so adding some more information (from previous forum data) here -

SOME FAQs to see demo videos after downloading someone’s uploaded demos?
Ans : Paste them in your czero folder. Open the game, and in the console type –
playdemo <demofilename>
viewdemo <demofilename>

2.My pc stops responding..
Ans : Sometimes, after entering the command in the console, your application MIGHT stop responding. Try to be patient, just wait for about 1 to 3 minutes, the client would execute the demo file. Yes, GM client is stable, while it works in the background, WINDOWS may think that it has stopped responding, but actually, it’s working out with the demo file.

3. Why cant i view demos?
Ans : you are probably viewing the demo in an unsupported client.
Use the MB/ AGN client. Demos recorded in a non-compatible client are not supported by any other client out there. A Non-Steam recorded demo cannot be viewed by Steam or GM Client..

4. I cant upload on mediafire, where else?
Ans : You are probably not a registered member on mediafire, and mediafire is used at AGN for a reason : The best always use the best.
Mediafire is the best with good user-interface and quick uploading and downloading, without advertisements or Wait-before-download. So register on mediafire. We also may have a file-sharing feature on the website soon, you can upload your demos to the gamemoz site then.

5.I keep forgetting which demo i recorded for whom..
Ans :While recording a demo, you can give any damn name to the file, then if you make a text file as a log of which file is for which hacker, you may easily be able to access the demo files whenever you want.
This way, you can access the details of all of the hackers in a single place (i.e. in the textfile) and whenever the information is required, you can get it, without any efforts!)

6.Where do these bloody demos go.. ??
Ans : For Steam Users; the demos go to :
<Steam Path>/Steam/SteamApps/common/counter-strike/czero
For MB Client; the demos go to :
<MB CLIENT PATH>/MB Condition Zero/czero/
And we have heard that for Windows 7 users;
C:\Users\<pc name>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\<parent folder's name>\czero

7. Size of demo is too high and i have low bandwidth. What do i do?
Ans : No matter what demo size is, I recommend you compress the demo file using WinZip or WinRAR, this decreases demo size to 30-40% of the original, or even lesser. It helps in faster transfers.
Any other questions, or suggestions, you can ask here :


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