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TOPIC: Admin Application Requirements, Format and

Admin Application Requirements, Format and 4 months 3 days ago #12

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Below are the certain key features which Aeon Gaming Network expects an applying candidate to posses.

1) He should be a member of the forum and server for more than 2 months, with a clean record.
2) He should be regular on the game server/s where he is applying for.
3) He should be respectful towards his fellow members and admins.
4) He should own a steam account with the required games.
5) Mature enough. Atleast 18 years of age.
6) Must have reported hackers to current admins on various occasions.
7) Must have a minimum of 65 posts in the forum (Meaningful posts under appropriate categories)

1) Make a post in this sub-section with proper name. (eg. Blacklisted - Admin Application) and follow the format given below.
2) Wait for admins to give their reviews. Dont Reply/Justify yourself with unnecessary posts, for they may be deleted.
3) Once all the admins give their reviews, you are selected on the basis of the number of YES and NO you get. It's not a Lok-Sabha poll, the decision and reasoning of admins will matter more than the number of votes you get.
4) At the end of the application Frank or any head admin to whom he entrusts the power will give the final verdict which will decide the fate of the candidate.

Real Name:
In-Game Nick:
In-game Steam ID:
Steam Username / Link to the Profile :
Playing History:
Why should you be considered as admin :

If the member is accepted as an admin :
1. Select a trainer from the (provided) set of admins, who will train you with commands (required even if the member is experienced)
2. Complete the payment procedure (if your are asked to) and wait for an administrator to activate your powers.
3. Be regular to servers, and keep track of your ban list. Every ban from the game server should be accompanied by a demo.
4. As an online community, fellow admins may at times be unavailable for chats/questions. If it happens, do not panic and try to stay calm.
5. HUD chat in game servers are limited for important announcements. Do not use it for conversations. Due to the nature of its size, it tends to annoy and distract players.
6. Do not show partial behaviour to any friend/co-player of yours if found/proved cheating in the game servers.
7. Misbehaviour as admin either in the game servers or forum may lead to suspension.

Rules for Admins :
1. DO NOT ban someone for any personal Issues.

2. No unnecessary Map Changes
If a map change is requested by players, take a vote from players and go with the result.
No admin shall change the Map according to their wish whether it's me or any other admin for that matter.

3. Admins have to update and post their ban lists in the following manner :
No ban without demos regardless of clear hacking (Exception - When the hacker is well known aka "regular" hacker of our server)

4. If the admin is not sure about a hacker, post in management group with a demo. where we can decide

5. Be careful before banning steamers

6. Dont kick any players unnecessarily :

7. Multi Clan (TAG) Strictly Prohibited Adminship could be Suspended.

Rules for kicking a player
1. IF AFK for more than 3 rounds/5 minutes, AND is in a team. PREFER TO Transfer them to spec., then kick.
2. IF abusing admins/server/players/anyone, Give one warning, 2nd offense, slap with damage, 3rd offense, only then KICK
3. DO NOT kick a spectator before checking steam ID, it may be an admin
(LIST of admin Steam ids will be circulated among staff members soon)
4. KICK if a spec-bug is not restarting their modem and reconnecting.
*** IF the spec bug guy says that they don't want to restart modem, admins shall NOT kick them, unless absolutely required ***
5. For any player camping at base, ACCORDING TO MAP OBJECTIVE - 1st offense, warn, 2nd, slap, 3rd, slay, 4th, kick.
CTs should not be kicked for camping, in DE_ maps. and Ts in CS_ maps. ALL Admins shall follow this,.

* Lists of staff, rules or ban-lists will be updated by moderators if or when necessary.
Admin Fee Rs 200/mo which is non refundable
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