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TOPIC: About - Demos

About - Demos 5 months 2 days ago #14

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Demos :

these are recorded by us when we need to report a cheater to the authorites (on the server or on the forum), or just for fun, to fulfil the aim of recording the demo.

Demos are recorded in .dem format by the game ,which is not readable by video players. you need to play them only in-game
by using "viewdemo" or "playdemo" command in console followed by demo name.

These demos not only include what you are specing, the game also records a lot of other things.
-> list of, and steam id of all players
-> ip address of all players
-> some other data (which i cant disclose :P )
* To view this "HIDDEN" information stored in the demos, you can use demo players, like SK Demo player or Demo Freak . There are many more, you can get them from google.
considering this, the size of the demo is usually high when the demo is long. So before uploading the demo to a file-sharing site, you should right click on it, Click on Add to Archive (or a similar action) to Zip or Rar format
This saves a lot of size, compressed demos are about 20-30% of the original size. uploading and downloading a 3mb demo is way easier than a 10mb demo.
In case you are new here, you can also "learn" to spot wallers or aimbots based on these demos i recorded earlier :

1 : Aimbot Demo

2 : Wallhack Demo

Usually wallhack is harder to spot, especially when the player is "smart". This one was easy to spot.
Here is one who was a little hard to find :

"SMART" waller

3 : Speed Hack, which i wont be "demoing" coz they are impossible to miss.

Note that a player's score does not define he's hacking or not. Admins also spot players trying to "cover up their act" by dying again and again after getting some kills via hacks.
So, Keep your eyes open.

*Some More Information : *
If You want to record demo of more people at one time, but you dont have the resources, then you can use HLTV proxy to record demos. Fallstreak has already made a post about using HLTV and recording demos from it
With HLTV demos the spectator can spec any player they want to, every round. but remember, an HLTV spot uses up a slot on the server.

CREDIT : Gamemoz
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About - Demos 5 months 2 days ago #15

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* Previous post was long already, so adding some more information (from previous forum data) here -


1.how to see demo videos after downloading someone’s uploaded demos?
Ans : Paste them in your czero folder. Open the game, and in the console type –
playdemo <demofilename>
viewdemo <demofilename>

2.My pc stops responding..
Ans : Sometimes, after entering the command in the console, your application MIGHT stop responding. Try to be patient, just wait for about 1 to 3 minutes, the client would execute the demo file. Yes, GM client is stable, while it works in the background, WINDOWS may think that it has stopped responding, but actually, it’s working out with the demo file.

3. Why cant i view demos?
Ans : you are probably viewing the demo in an unsupported client.
Use the MB/ AGN client. Demos recorded in a non-compatible client are not supported by any other client out there. A Non-Steam recorded demo cannot be viewed by Steam or GM Client..

4. I cant upload on mediafire, where else?
Ans : You are probably not a registered member on mediafire, and mediafire is used at AGN for a reason : The best always use the best.
Mediafire is the best with good user-interface and quick uploading and downloading, without advertisements or Wait-before-download. So register on mediafire. We also may have a file-sharing feature on the website soon, you can upload your demos to the gamemoz site then.

5.I keep forgetting which demo i recorded for whom..
Ans :While recording a demo, you can give any damn name to the file, then if you make a text file as a log of which file is for which hacker, you may easily be able to access the demo files whenever you want.
This way, you can access the details of all of the hackers in a single place (i.e. in the textfile) and whenever the information is required, you can get it, without any efforts!)

6.Where do these bloody demos go.. ??
Ans : For Steam Users; the demos go to :
<Steam Path>/Steam/SteamApps/common/counter-strike/czero
For MB Client; the demos go to :
<MB CLIENT PATH>/MB Condition Zero/czero/
And we have heard that for Windows 7 users;
C:\Users\<pc name>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\<parent folder's name>\czero

7. Size of demo is too high and i have low bandwidth. What do i do?
Ans : No matter what demo size is, I recommend you compress the demo file using WinZip or WinRAR, this decreases demo size to 30-40% of the original, or even lesser. It helps in faster transfers.
Any other questions, or suggestions, you can ask here :
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