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TOPIC: How to record the demo of a hacker.

How to record the demo of a hacker. 5 months 2 days ago #17

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No new members yet, but there will be some soon asking such questions. So it is better to keep a guidance topic about such things for new players.

What to do if a hacker is present at the server ?

If you find a hacker present at any of the servers first you need to do is report about it to the admin present at the moment. The admin present at the server will respond to your query as soon as possible and will do his job accordingly.

What to do if there are no admins at the server ?

The GM staff is trying there best to avoid such a situation but if unfortunately there comes a time when there is a hacker at the server and there are no admins to report about it, then record a DEMO of such a hacker and report it in this section. This section of "Hacking Report" is specifically created to report such hackers.

What is a demo ?
Well, it is a built-in recording system that is in every game that runs on the HL2 engine. In simpler words it records everything currently going in the game (Any game having HL2 engine). Hence it canbe actively used to report a hacker who can be seen cheating if caught actively on the demo.

How to record a demo ?

Open your console while in-game. It can be open by pressing the "~" key on the keyboard.

Type: record "demoname"

When you are finished recording type: stop

- A demo records exactly what you see, and everything in your console - the console doesn't need to be open, everything gets recorded anyway. So make sure you are recording the demo is first person mode.
- Here "demo name" means any name of the demo that you want it to be. Remember it can sometimes be difficult to remember names of your demos, so just call your demo whatever you think is best.
- Remember to type in showip and status as it will help the staff members to notice the IP and the steam_id of the person whose demo you are recording.
- After typing stop you see demo has stopped recording.
- It doesn't matter if your demo is lengthy or you have more than one demos, just make sure they are conclusive enough to report.

How to play your demo ?

Open your console preferably just after the game has opened.

Type: play "demoname"

Or type: viewdemo "demoname"

When you are finished watching you can disconnect from the main menu.

- You must replace "demoname" with the name of your demo, adding the .dem extension is not necessary as CS Will do this for you.
- The viewer of the demo sees exactly what the recorded sees, excluding when the console has been opened or closed.
- playdemo is a simple method of watching the demo and viewdemo brings up a play, pause, fast forward, rewind and other functions for you to use.

How to find your demo ?

My Computer > Local Disk ( C: ) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > your-username > counter-strike > cstrike > your-demo-name.dem
You can can search you demo by its name in the search box of your computer.
-Remember the name of your demo will be in .dem format., so the accurate name would be demoname.dem

How to upload it here ?

Make an account on mediafire upload your demo there and provide us the link here. It is advisable to compress the demo in a winzip or winrar file so that the upload and download can the done quickly. Although uncompressed demos are also accepted without any hesitation.

Here is a video representation of the above mentioned method for better understanding.

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